R. A. Pickles

Robert grew up on a mixed dairy farm in England, deep in the Sussex

Weald. It was an idyllic upbringing and he spent many pleasurable hours

feeding calves, weaning lambs and mucking about on tractors. On hot summer days and with scant knowledge of literary giants, he took sips of water from the stream at the bottom of Rudyard Kipling’s garden while waiting for a trout to take his bait. Looking back he wonders if perhaps the seed was set then.


Many years later, after a serious accident, Robert became one of only two disabled cameramen/directors in the world - the other was his mentor, the late, great Mo Amin (MBE). Robert spent over a decade with Channel 4, ITV and the BBC working on a wide range of documentary and current affairs programmes.


In 1999 the call of the wild took Robert to the Australian outback to film rock wallabies for the BBC’s Natural History Unit. He moved home to the UK in 2011 and currently lives in London.


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