R. A. Pickles

In 2014, Robert successfully completed a one-year professional development programme with the acclaimed Adventures in Fiction writing consultancy and has since worked at length with his mentor and New York Times best seller, James Lovegrove, to ensure that his first fiction title was ready for publication. James said of the book: "There is great excitement to be found in My Name Was Shelley - a haunting evocation of the apocalypse that is slick, fast-paced and fully realised - an absorbing insight into how, should the unimaginable happen, the first people in Australia will be the ones who survive and teach us how to survive."

The first draft of My Name Was Shelley was shortlisted for the London Fringe Literary Award. The second in the trilogy is already under way and the final book is an assortment of scribbled Post-it notes stuck to the wall.

Robert has also completed a non-fiction title, a modern take on Bruce Chatwins Songlines that is also set in Australia.


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